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Dear Ester:

We are truly grateful for all that you have done working with us over the past year to enrich our love of dancing as a couple. You helped us to improve in dances to which we previously had been introduced (mostly in the international style). You taught us a new dance, West Coast Swing, which we never before had a chance to learn and now love using when we dance socially. You worked with us so that we feel as comfortable dancing American Rumba as we do International Rumba. You guided us in learning new steps and new routines so that we can have more fun with old favorites, such as Hustle, Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot and Samba.

Without a doubt, you are a gifted dancer and teacher. You explain dance steps in an easy to follow and warm manner. It is a treat to watch you dance with students young and old and to be mesmerized by the routines you put together.

For us, what really sets you apart, however, is your sense of humor and your passion for dance. It was our great pleasure and privilege to be your dance students. We miss you and congratulate those who are lucky enough to be your students in your new home.

Richard & Helen Tufaro

I just want to let you know how much Dan and I have enjoyed dancing with you! Every time I talk about my dance lessons the major thing I do is brag about my amazing teacher! I would say that we had the best teacher in the whole studio!! I can’t tell you enough how much I love the choreography for our wedding dance. The song we chose I did because I thought it was pretty. You gave me a reason to love it. To be completely cheesy, every silly romance movie talks about that one song a couple has and you gave Dan and I that song. Ok mushy gushy stuff over. I just wanted to let you know that you are definitely a huge reason Dan and I have enjoyed our lessons so much. You are a truly wonderful dancer and teacher! I wish you all the best in Kentucky and hope for very safe travels.  -Jessica

To anyone who is looking for a dance instructor, look no further.  Ester has everything you can ask for.  She has the ability to teach men, women, couples, and children how to dance.  I have witnessed her unlimited patience while teaching people with physical and mental handicaps.  I think one of the reasons she is so good is because she absolutely loves what she does.  I’m sure she wakes up every morning looking forward to teaching and encouraging her students.  You may think in the beginning that you are not going to be able to catch on but don’t worry because Ester refuses to let you give up.  She takes pride in every single one of her students.  She has the capacity to instill confidence in anyone.  She is an absolute joy not only to learn from but just watching her teach others to dance.  Not only is her smile never ending but so is her devotion to making sure not only that you learn to dance but that you are having fun while you are learning.

I had taken a few lessons at two other studios before coming to your studio, and I can tell you without reservation that Ester is the best teacher you are going to find anywhere.  I can guarantee that if you choose Ester as your teacher you will not be disappointed!

Donnie Parker